Tuesday, October 20, 2009

rhinebeck and a darn good sweater

There was sun, rain, cold, and yes, even snow (on my drive home) at Rhinebeck, and it was an absolute blast. I loved rambling around the fair with my Knitting Posse of Yvonne, Mary Beth, Deborah, Shameka, and Kim. I counted 18 hand knits in the photo below, there are some hidden ones that I didn't count like everyone's socks.

Knitting Posse

Clockwise, starting at top left: Shameka was bobble-icious! Deborah and Mary Beth were so cute in their matching Ursas, sister power rocks. That's me and the Ravelry mascot Bob, knitted and worn by Ysolda Teague (she made that with a friend in a week!). And good old Yarny Kim.

Bobble-iciousThe Ursa Twins
YarnyYsolda and her amazing Bob head

The Ravelry party did not produce any winners in our group again but I did kitchener the toe of my sock in the dark and cold, Shameka has a great photo of it (scroll down to the end of the post). My sweater was done just in time, I was frantically sewing the buttons on the morning that I left. Vivian was the "it" sweater at Rhinebeck, I saw so many of them there. It was vaguely deflating to see so many versions of it, but that also reaffirms what a cool pattern it is. The runner up "it" pattern was The Einstein Coat according to Kim. What was really great was to have Ysolda Teague (Vivian's designer) see the sweater herself even though she was in a knitted Bob costume at the time. The Twist Collective folks said how nice it looked too, very chuffing. Construction details on Ravelry.


Rhinebeck was a total feast for the senses, color and beautiful yarn everywhere. I think I was in too much of a yarn haze to get many pictures of the fair, but I did snap a picture of folks working on Big Sock. The goal of Big Sock is to be the world's largest knitted sock when it's done. Meanwhile it is traveling around the world and stopping at yarn shops and fiber events where anyone can knit on it. Still lots of knitting to be done.

knitting on Big Sock


gale (she shoots sheep shots) said...

It was most wonderful to meet you- and now I get to see the sweater,too since you had added a layer by the time we crossed paths. Excellent fit! I'd knit one if I felt sure I could nail the fit, I love the details. Don't feel deflated, in the big wide world Vivians are few & far between.

sophanne said...

and my count of the number of times Yarny Old Kim's picture made it to a Rhinebeck blogpost is now up to Seven! That girl gets around- in a good way!

Kim said...

Shee-it! Your sweater was da-bomb. Strange how we saw so many Einstein sweaters this year. This year was my favorite Rhinebeck ever! Glad we had lots of quality time to shop & hang out.
And is Becky calling me a photo-ho cause I am getting around! heh!

myboringblog said...

There were definitely a lot of Vivians but I think yours looked best. I saw a lot of Owls around so I'd think that that was the next most popular but I was also looking for them.

e said...

looks like such a good time!

wish i had made it up this year, but my pocketbook couldn't handle it after the tooth escapades.

Mary Beth said...

ALL your hand-knits were da-bomb! So happy we got to meet, knit, shop together, & have a grown up sleepover, lol. Love the photo Shameka took of you and your monkey. I had a blast & look forward to 2010. (Hopefully the weather will be warmer next year, though. This southern girl can't take that frigid stuff :)

Paige said...

Oooo, look at all the handknits! It's my personal aspiration to someday fly to Rhinebeck so that I can experience all the wooly goodness firsthand, but in the meantime I'm glad you shared your pics. That sweater is the bomb on you!

choo choo knits said...

It was SO awesome to meet and chat with you - I've been craving Aztec H.C. ever since - thanks for the recommendation!

Linda said...

Love that sweater! Beautious.