Thursday, July 30, 2009


Fingers and toes are crossed and I'm starting to steek, eek, eek. I'm going to follow KidsKnits covered steek method. If mine turns out half as good as hers it will be great. My goal is to get my super secret mystery project done and blogged by the time we leave for our big vacation on Monday.


More toycamera app pictures with the iphone, I can't resist. The kids have been working on their hula hoop skills this summer. Girl Thing can twirl it around her neck and then move it down to her waist. It's hysterical to watch her arms pop up as the hula hoop moves down.


Thursday, July 23, 2009

eyelet front vest and a stray dog

Here finally are some pictures of the Eyelet Front Vest. I gave up on the Huz to do this photo shoot, because he's been busy with work work work, and used the self-timer on the camera.

Vital stats
Pattern: Eyelet Front Vest from Vogue Knitting, Holiday 2008
Yarn: Manos Wool Classica in C colorway, 4 skeins
Needle size 7.0mm (11ish in US sizing)


I originally purchased this yarn to make Sage Remedy but quickly realized that it was not a good fit. When you knit Manos tight it feels like cardboard, but knit a bit more loosely it has a wonderful soft character. I was going to have to knit tightly to get gauge so I trolled around on Ravelry until I found this pattern and holy mackerel, I had the magazine stashed away.



A quick bulky knit that looks elegant not bulky. This was fun and quick, if it wasn’t for the fact that I had to knit one front twice because I made the first one the wrong size. The front panels are knit sideways and the top edge wraps around the shoulder to be seamed with the back piece at a raglan angle.

The only real oddity to this pattern that I found is that the shoulder seam and the back seam do not match in size. I blocked exactly to the measurements given and had to ease the front into the back considerably as I was sewing it together. It worked fine with a good blocking. I also omitted the crocheted chain stitch around the armholes and the bottom edge partly because I couldn’t figure out how to do it from the directions and also because I thought it looked fine the way it was. I like to wear mine with a pin but it also looks cool with a belt.

Yes, I am wearing wool in July and loving it. Someone please send me some summer weather, I'm getting tired of pretending that I live in Scotland. Golden clogs might bring some sunshine, I got mine through this crazy cobbler in Ipswich who can talk a blue streak.

golden clogs

TV: I caught the second half of So You Think You Can Dance last night and the piece by Tyce Diorio about breast cancer was so beautiful that it had me tearing up. Even the judges were all crying. I haven't been able to watch nearly enough of this show this season but love it, it's the closest thing that we have to art on television.

Meanwhile True Blood is still a wonderful guilty pleasure. I thought the second season had lost a little umph but it still is delivering. Tara is stealing the show from Sookie.

Almost forgot about the stray dog. The crazy beastie below showed up in our backyard on Sunday. She reminded me of Walter the Farting Dog, so we were calling her Wanda. She appeared to be an ungodly mix of Beagle and Husky and seemed to be almost completely deaf and very overweight. She was also extremely friendly and not too good at controlling her bladder. We put up signs, walked her around the neighborhood hoping she would find her way back home, called the police, and left a message for the Animal Control officer. Then we fed her, she peed in our kitchen, and took over Beetle's extra cushion. On Monday I called and left a message with the SPCA, they called back saying they had a report of a lost dog that matched the description. The owner came over and picked her up immediately and seemed grateful but didn't want to talk, just rush her home. Wanda, I never found out her real name, is 17 years old.

wanda the farting dogwanda the farting dog

Friday, July 17, 2009

gypsy life

We've been like gypsies the last couple of weeks, traveling up and down the East Coast visiting friends and relatives. Summer has been a pretty dismal affair in the North East this year, but it cooperated with us when we really needed it to. There has been a lot of car knitting but I haven't had much of a chance to post about it. In some places there was no internet connection at all, or there was just too much going on. Now we're back home, fat, ragged, and dirty but happy, and I can sit down to post. A good friend who I didn't know was a regular reader admitted that she checks in all the time and said that I didn't post often enough for her, yeesh. Sheila if you're reading this is for you, pffffft!, the Bronx Cheer.

I finished my Eyelet Front Vest and it has been so ridiculously cold at times that I've been wearing a bulky wool vest in July. No pictures yet, go ahead and shoot me. I'm also mostly done with one purl-free Monkey sock and have been making some pretty decent progress on my Super Secret Mystery Project.


On the way home we hit a serious patch of night paving on 495 in Massachusetts. As if that stretch of 495 wasn't tortuous enough, the night paving added on at least an hour and a half. I got ToyCamera for my iPhone and was playing with it. It randomly simulates the effects of a Lomo or Holga style shot that have been so coveted by arty photographers. I love this app, I may never take photos again any other way and am considering getting OldCamera which is another app that simulates old black and whites. Check out some of delicious highway shots I got with ToyCamera. (click on images to see bigger versions on flickr)

summer night highway pavingsummer night highway paving
summer night highway pavingsummer night highway paving

Saturday, July 4, 2009

happy 4th! lobster and knitting, the way life should be

Here's an all-American beast from the deep for you.


This lobster is close to 30 lbs. and guesstimated to be around 80 years old. It was caught by a lobsterman on Chebeague Island, Maine. When you get a close look at it, the shell is a rainbow of colors with the areas around the joints a beautiful blue. Don't worry, it's safe, the plan is to release it back to the ocean. Below Beetle is posing with it for size.

lobster with dog for size

In knitting news I've finished my Eyelet Front Vest and like it. I knit a whole new left side. No photos the vest yet, hopefully they will be in the next post. I've also gone back to working on my super secret mystery project and am finally making some progress with it. It had to be completely re-charted since I got hung up on the proportional difference between the graph paper and the actual stitches and got the sizing utterly wrong. Three cast-ons later I figured that out and re-charting took me almost two weeks. It's lobster for dinner tonight though not the 30 pounder, hope your 4th is just as delicious.