Thursday, March 11, 2010

hat pie

Too much to share, so I'm going to try to be brief and let the photos do the talking.

Inga hatInga hat

First off, the Inga hat (free pattern). I ended up doing this one for the school silent auction instead of the Mini Mochi one. I keep wanting to work with self striping yarn but always back away, I guess I like being able to control my color changes.

Inga hat

I think it turned out pretty bangin, hopefully someone at the silent auction will bid it way up. I followed Helloyarn's great mods, and other details on Ravelry: rav link.

what was she thinking?

Manos Blankie was cast aside during the Olympics to jump head long into the abyss of a freeform, top-down, colorwork sweater (detail above). This might turn out to be a "what was she thinking?" fashion blight or it might be a freak flag to wear with pride. Stay tuned.


A sign at my local post office. Possibly used to say "copies". The clerks stare it all day, I wonder if this sterile Helvetica "pie" makes them hungry?

Scarf watching in New York isn't just my pass time, the adorable Bill Cunningham (I would like to adopt him) was at it too. There are some great scarf inspirations in there: Bill Cunningham of the New York Times on scarves.

Spotted this Lego fiend artist's work on The NY Post website, I bet it makes everyone who sees it smile: Lego art in the cracks.


Oiyi said...

That hat is gorgeous! I am sure it will go for a lot in the silent auction.

I like the PIE sign.

Michelle said...

Still love that hat! I'm going to make sure that I bring yarn for colorwork to Florida so I have a better chance of finally doing some for myself. Oh, and the lego link isn't working. The site must have removed the article.

Sayschnicklefritz said...

Pie . . .perhaps it's time for you to re-watch Twin Peaks. Dale, Audrey, Donna, James and, of course, Laura Palmer.

In the event that the bids for that awesome hat don't climb out of the insulting zone, I say you go absolutely ape sh*t, start ranting about "throwing pearls before swine" and run from the room screaming. It would be memorable, no?

Emma said...

Wow, lovely hat. I'm very curious to know what the letters spell out on the sweater..

Bridget said...

The hat looks lovely!

Now I wish I had some pie ...

BTW, you are welcome to Three Cups of Tea - please send my your name and address to mail it. My e-mail address is thekittyknitterATverizonDOTnet.

Jeanne said...

The hat is beautiful - I love the colors you chose - very pretty!

Paige said...

Such a lovely hat, especially the colors you chose. And I'm intrigued by the free-form sweater...!

Mary Beth said...

I enjoyed the side trip to On The Street. Scarves are awesome fashion statements. The Lego link was great. We have enough bricks here to repair several city blocks I think, lol.