Wednesday, April 7, 2010

eggs, eggs, eggs

the egg dyeing station

Five dozen eggs boiled, dyed, hidden, found, and some consumed. Here is our egg dyeing station. I saved the little plastic egg dyeing containers from previous years because they're really the perfect size, it's so hard to find bowls where the dye completely covers the egg without being too wide. You can see our letter stickers, electrical tape, and the Easter issue of Martha Stewart Living in the foreground. I can never resist the Easter issue since her eggs are so pretty. Our eggs are much less perfect and I prefer them that way.


K2P2 and knit eggs
The Huz accused me of making the "knit" and "K2P2" eggs just for the blog, and maybe I did! I particularly like the way the small knit egg came out. Smaller letters seem to work nicely, I can see more extended texts next year.
letter eggselectrical tape eggs
marbled eggsrubber band eggs

We made letter eggs done with (clockwise from top left) stickers, electrical tape eggs, rubber band eggs, and marbled eggs. This was the first time for electrical tape eggs and it worked out really well. For the stickers, I just bought a bunch of letter stickers from Michael's. I love the face that Girl Thing made with two commas and a bracket, which she says is a mustache, the 007 and OMG eggs are pretty priceless. We had a few puffy heart and skull stickers, but they were too sticky and couldn't be fully removed. For dye I mainly used drops of food coloring with hot water and vinegar instead of the Paas pellets. I was a little disappointed with the vibrancy of the colors, the few Paas pellets that we had lying around made much brighter colors.

To make marbled eggs you dye the eggs with a light color and then make a bath of darker dye that is no more than a 1/2 inch deep. Add in tablespoon of olive oil and then double dye the egg. Our marbled eggs didn't turn out as well as the first time that I did them, I think because I used canola oil. The olive might be key in the way that it clings to the egg and the water. There's a nice tutorial for them here.

Girl's favorite eggmy favorite egg

Here are a couple of favorite eggs, Girl Thing's on the left, she did that herself with stickers. My favorite egg is on the right, it's a total accident which achieved a lovely patina with a lot of overdyeing and a weird streak, it's like Raku pottery magic.

Three new books entered my life this week. One was a gift from Bridget from The Ravell'd Sleeve. She's a knitter, librarian and always has interesting thoughts, she was offering up Three Cups of Tea and I got it! Thanks, Bridget!

Book #2 is A Visual History of Typefaces and Graphic Styles Volume 2 1901-1938. I have Volume 1 and knew that this one would be a typophiles dream just like the first. Taschen also has all the images online as hires, which is free access to anyone who has purchased the book. This one is sure to be a useful tool.

 Book #3 is Small Sweaters. This was an impulse buy after I saw this (Ravelry link) ridiculously cute stranded squirrel cardigan. I got the book used on Amazon.


Michelle said...

So many eggs! I love the variety and you have so much enthusiasm to dye so many. I like the knitting ones and the OMG is pretty funny. I think I saw you queue that kids sweater with the squirrels. Very cute!

Sayschnicklefritz said...

Oh! I really, really like the taped and rubber banded eggs, probably because I gravitate towards stripes. And what fun you all must have had.

Now, bring on the deviled eggs!

craftivore said...

@Sayschnicklefritz I've seen your drawer, what you need is a whole bunch of navy and white striped eggs to go with the shirts!

Oiyi said...

Wow, that must have been so much fun. My husband just picked up some after Easter dye kits on sale. Those bowls do look like the perfect size.

Mary Beth said...

Don't we all do things just so we can blog them? Or scrapbook them in my case? Totally normal stuff. Love your books. Very interesting peek into you when I see what you read.

Sayschnicklefritz said...

Ahh! Navy & white striped eggs for Bastille Day, perhaps?