Thursday, June 24, 2010

hammocks and lace


Cerisara is moving along. I finished the body last night but the pictures are from earlier in the day. I decided to use the knit side of stockinette for the body rather than the purl side the way the pattern is,  but left the collar in purl side stockinette. I like it better this way. This does cause a little ridge between the collar purl and the body knit, but I think it will flatten out in blocking.

Cerisara detail

I made many mistakes at the side "seams" under the armholes where the lace pattern is temporarily disrupted. The idea is just to add a couple of stitches of plain stockinette in the middle of the repeat, which makes sense now that it is done, but I couldn't seem to wrap my head around it as I was knitting it. I left the boo boos, no one will notice them and I decided that I'm going to avoid ripping unless absolutely necessary, perfection is for the birds.

Father's Day hammock

The Huz got a hammock for Father's Day, which he loved. The down side was that the kids bickered endlessly about whose turn it was to go in it and drove him crazy.

Did any of you catch last night's episode of Work of Art, The Next Great Artist on Bravo? I missed it, but will try to see it in rerun, especially since their project was to design a book cover! You can see their work here , I love seeing hand drawn type. The winner's design will be used by Penguin.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

reading, painting, piggie drama

Finally got a copy of The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest by Steig Larsson (Thanks, Mom!). This is the third book in the Swedish series which are great reads. Wonderful jacket designs by Peter Mendelsund. Filled with grisly murder details and compelling characters, they're hard to put down. I saw the Swedish movie of the first book, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, and it totally delivered. The main character Lisbeth Salander is very unusual, she's androgynous, angry, anti-social, yet somehow you root for her. I was skeptical of the Swedish actress, Noomi Rapace, pulling it off and being too beautiful but she did a great job and was hot at the same time. I'm sure that when the Hollywood version comes out they'll screw it up.

more swatches

Cerisara has been on the back burner this week as we've been working on painting our living room and tending to Alfred the guinea pig. Above you can see the Huz in contemplation of our living room color. I ended up getting TEN different swatches before we finally settled on one. Ochre proved too elusive, the swatches either looked like straight up yellow on the wall, or blah beige, and Boy Thing named one of them Poop Stain. That definitely put the kabosh on that color. So I decided to go darker and we picked a color called Wet Riverbanks, which is orangey brown. It reminds me of earth in Turkey or someplace with a lot more clay in the soil, not New England. Or maybe it's the color of tandoori chicken. I'm hoping it will feel vibrant yet relaxing, and help me feel warmer when I'm knitting in front of the TV in the winter. I've got one coat of paint up already but have had to take a break since we're getting new windows, whee! Joining in the local pastime of spending our summers fixing the house.

Alfred the guinea pig

This is Alfred. We've had him for a few months, he's young maybe 6 months or so. He didn't seem to be thriving, so I took him to the vet. We were expecting that maybe he needed vitamin C, or some other easy fix, but it turns out that he has horribly deformed teeth one of which was growing into his cheek and causing an abscess. For $350 she trimmed them down. Really a lot of money for a guinea pig and we hesitated over doing it, but Boy Thing was crying into his cereal bowl. Bad news is that his teeth will grow back and because they're so wonky they won't get worn down properly by eating hay like most pigs' teeth do. Since the procedure we've been feeding him medicine and food with a syringe. He was losing weight and looking wobbly and I thought that he might be a goner, but then two days ago he started eating on his own. Part of me is rooting for him to get better and be a miracle pig and another part of me is worried that there will be another downward spiral soon enough.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

seeing yellow


I've started working on Cerisara (Ravelry link). I chose to do the smallest size because the ones that I liked on Ravelry are the ones that are more fitted rather than loose. One worry is that that the armhole won't be deep enough, so I might go up a size for the armhole. Once again my lace-tard tendencies are showing up. It's a pretty easy pattern, only six repeats, but I still manage to f it up continually. The way the collar attaches is totally genius. The first thing that is knit is the back with a provisional cast on, and then from the provisional cast on, you pick up for the left collar and then shoulder, and then do the same for the right attaching the collar in the middle with yet another provisional cast on pick up for that. Where each side of the collar joins in the back is completely invisible, very cool.

Living room reno

Living room renovations are percolating, I'm gearing up to repaint the living room. A warm ocher is appealing to me right now. It's amazing what a difficult color that is to find. Ocher is riding a precarious line between green, yellow, and brown. The living room is currently a brighter and mintier green than in the picture, and the paint chips aren't quite so yellowy. I chose the minty green when I was pregnant and it has always been just a tad too bright. Blame the pregnancy, my color sense seemed to go a bit of of whack and much more saturated when I was pregnant. Seven years later, it's finally time to do something about it.

Wanting some lighter reading, I've been blowing through the Twilight series. They really are page turners, in only a couple of weeks I'm already almost finished with book four. The abstinence before marriage subtext got a little annoying in book 3, but now that she's managed to move beyond that into supernatural sex and what not, I'm OK.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

rapunzel, rapunzel, let down your fine mohair!

Haiku scarf

The stockinette scarf from hell is finally done. It turned out pretty long. I like to be able to double wrap my scarves, particularly if they're thin, and I had three skeins of blue Alchemy Haiku so I kept knitting until the yarn was done. There is still good amount of the orange stuff left over, perhaps is will make a snazzy lining for something. The gorgeous swatch at Purl Soho inspired me to make this scarf and I oohed and aahed halfway through knitting it about how lovely the yarn was, but then started cursing myself for once again falling prey to sexy yarn. Never will I be so weak again! (famous last words). The "numbing ennui" (yarny's words) of knitting it is starting to fade and I think it looks pretty and will probably wear it a lot.

Rapunzel, rapunzel,Haiku scarf

Vitals stats: 3 skeins of Alchemy Haiku in Soft Turquoise, 1 skein in Persimmon, on size 7 needles. Cast on 80 stitches, knit four rows of garter stitch at either end, six rows of garter stitch on each side of the scarf, all the rest is stockinette. The yarn is 60% mohair and 40% silk. It appears to be mohair wrapped around a silk core and is hand dyed, absolutely stunning. Beware the siren call of this yarn.

Haiku scarf

The stockinette might have been restful if I was using a thicker yarn, but this yarn is so thin and a little slippery that I actually had to pay attention so that I wouldn’t drop a stitch or accidentally pick up the stitch underneath it. I had to switch from my bamboo circulars to using Addi Lace Turbos because the yarn was getting caught on the join of the bamboo circulars. The Addi Lace Turbos were a dream.

Checking Ravelry for who had worked with Haiku I found that Weaverknits was inspired by the same swatch at Purl Soho to make a lovely scarf too. She somehow makes hers look rock and roll. Girl, I am jealous of your boogie.

lunch on the square

Boring Knitter, TOTB, and Nimitz came to town last week and we had a lovely lunch on the square followed by some icecream. Nimitz was a perfect gentleman and everyone on the street had to stop and comment about him. They might be moving up here in six months, lucky me!