Thursday, July 29, 2010

high summer quilt

high summer quilt

Pulled out the quilt that I started in the Kaffe Fassett workshop TWO years ago and finally started putting it together. It was pinned to and rolled up in the flannel that I was using as a design wall in the workshop and it came out barely needing to be pressed. I will definitely use that technique again. I'm loving the colors even more right now, I thought it would have lost some of its appeal over time but it didn't. The colors are like high summer with an abundance of greens and warm oranges. The pattern is called Tapestry Garden from Kaleidoscope of Quilts and looks very much like Yellow Brick Road. I will add a small inner border and a wider outer border.

There was a great interview with Paul Buckley of Penguin Books about book design there for the last 10 years or so and his upcoming book, Penguin 75. I really admire his commitment to illustration and his creative, strong designs.

I finished reading One Day in practically one day. This is a great, quick read about a man and a woman over the course of 20 years. It checks in with them once a year on July 15th. If you want a summer read that isn't going to make you feel sleazy, this is it. There's love, lust, humor, and wit, yet it's meaty and complex enough in its read of relationships to make me feel as though the author has touched on truths that I haven't been able to articulate.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

cerisara and camping


Cerisara is done finally. I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out, the yarn is luscious and feels nice even against bare skin. In the background is a the siding of a wonderful bathhouse built by the Civilian Conservation Corps in the 30s at Moosebrook State Park. It's a lovely rustic building with stone steps leading into a man-made pool of mountain water. Sadly, they don't have money to repair it.

You can find all my project notes and mods for Cerisara on Ravelry, there are also more pictures on Flickr.

The Huz brought lunch

Since Cerisara is done, I'm chomping on the bit for a new project. Some colorwork is welling inside me. I tried to convince the Huz that I should knit him the Komi Cap from Charlene Schurch's Mostly Mittens, but being a diva he balked at it. How dare he squelch my fire?! So I took my long abandoned Manos blankie camping. The plan is to knit scarf length garter strips is various stripes and then sew them together. I have three strips at this point. You can see Girl wearing Cerisara as a beach coverup.

Tent napping

We had a wonderful time camping, I love Moosebrook. It's a relatively small state park with mostly tenters, a natural and cold pool for swimming, and they allow dogs. We have two backpacking tents, one for the girls and one for the boys. I'm still pushing for the grownups tent and kids tent, but I guess we haven't quite gotten there yet. There were lots of families there that we knew and the kids had a blast playing capture the flag and swimming all day. Beetle totally wore herself out with all the excitement. I finished reading Jar City during a thunderstorm one night. It was gruesome but a page turner, all the details of life in Iceland were fun.

Friday, July 9, 2010

still on vacation

Jumping off the wharf

We're still on the island and have very limited internet access, sorry I haven't had a chance to respond to comments. The rest of the family is bold enough to jump off the wharf, I'm too chicken. I did go swimming once in the warm water of low tide and I consider that a huge success.

Vacation knitting

A rare moment of calm while the kids are busy. I finished knitting both sleeves on Cerisara and then decided to rip back part of the body to add some more increases at the hip and length to the body. Hopefully blocked with pictures in next post!

Friday, July 2, 2010


eggs from our neighbor

I'm on vacation with the family and somehow I have no time to knit or even read, how does that happen? With no internet access (except at the library) and barely any phone reception, blogging is a real treat. The weather has been glorious though, we've had a number of those days when summer in Maine seems magical with fireflies twinkling in the field in front of our cottage at night and dragonflies circling in the day. A bit of the field is visible in the picture of the eggs. We got the eggs from our neighbor. From the cottage that we're staying in we can hear her rooster crowing every morning. It woke me up the first day, but now I sleep through it. It's a very cheerful sound, I don't find it annoying.

Rowed out to a little island nearby

The kids seem to think the water is warm and on a bright day I might almost believe them. The kids say that I'm cold blooded because I get cold so easily and I'm inclined to agree. Boy Thing and I rowed out to a little island nearby and he went for a dip in his underwear. I lounged on the beach enjoying my five bars of phone reception and got some blisters from rowing on the way back.

Maybe vacation cannot be without highs and lows, maybe memorable good moments can't happen without memorable bad moments. We had to put Alfred the guinea pig down a couple of days ago. He rallied for awhile with the liquid food and seemed to be gaining weight, but he started losing weight again recently and seemed to have a hard time eating. Perhaps the infection never cleared up or maybe his teeth were already growing. We knew it would just be a downward spiral so Boy Thing was brave enough to not want him to suffer. The kind local animal control officer (and the one who gave us the eggs) took care of it for a bottle of wine. The kids wailed and were sad, but were over it in a couple of hours. I think kids process emotions much more quickly than grown ups do.

One sleeve is done with Cerisara, I'm beginning to think that I might need to rip out the body a bit and add some more hip increases. I'll rip for fit, but not the goof ups with the lace pattern under the arms.

I've started reading Ilustrado, which I borrowed from the library here. The cover is by Gray 318, and is mainly why I picked it up. I love the way the type is shaped out of the little tear drop shapes, is it mimicking some kind of Filipino art, I'm not sure. I was worried that there wouldn't be a narrative voice that I could grab on to, because it has been alternating paragraphs between a novel written by a character in the book, a bio of this same character, and the voice of one of his students. But it has finally settled on a narrator and I'm getting sucked into it.

Happy 4th! I plan on eating a lobster roll and too many potato chips.