Tuesday, June 21, 2011

making progress

making progress

One sleeve is done, the other moving along, and then they'll be attached to continue the raglan decreases. You can see the beginning of the neckline steek at the top of the body.

making progress

The blue in the cuff has a more greenish cast to it that the camera doesn't seem to capture. The color change is aqua, bright blue, aqua, and then red.

yarn for a wedding shawl

My SIL has asked for a shawl for her wedding. She's getting married outside in November so warmth is a consideration. I'm thinking of a colorwork shawl but she would also like it to be soft and drapey to go with her simple and elegant gown. I'm thrilled that she's willing to consider a touch of color since lacework is not my forte. After a lot of consideration, I've ordered some Malabrigo Silky Merino (51% Silk 49% Merino, DK weight) to swatch with. I haven't worked with this yarn before, I hope it makes a nice fabric and still manages to show off the stitches. Notice how the Huz is completely ignoring my beautiful yarn and covering it with the paper? So callous.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

a tam and fickle weather


Castaway Tam by Mary Jane Mucklestone was finished last week. I didn't make any mods except to omit the pompom, it might still need a little something right at the top, not sure what, perhaps a button? This hat has rockin slouch-itude. The design of the hat is very traditional in its use of classic Fair Isle OXO patterns, I love that it's a slightly different one on each band, simple but with subtle, classic flair. Union Pearl has a wonderful post about OXO patterns, here.


I used Harrisville New England Shetland as the yarn. The colors for this yarn are wonderful and it's very toothy, perfect for colorwork. It might be a tad itchy on the forehead if you tend to be sensitive to wool but will be very warm. Knit Picks Palette, which is the recommended yarn for the pattern, is much softer and would be less itchy. I was tempted to do a corrugated rib for the brim and if I knit it again would opt for that as I like a nice firm brim.


Summer is finally here in New England and came very suddenly as it sometimes does. Weeks of gray, cold, drizzle and then WHAM, beautiful sunshine and sparkling days. New England weather is a fickle lover. "In the Spring, I have counted 136 different kinds of weather in 24 hours." —Mark Twain. The sun makes girls want to have mud baths, but notice how she managed not to get a single speck of mud on her outfit.

vintage vestvintage vest

Found this at the thrift store. I think it's a men's vest, very small in size, even though they had it in the women's section. Commercially made, Adolfo for Saks Fifth Avenue, possibly from the 60s but timeless really. The yarn is some kind of synthetic so that the earliest I might place it is the 40s, but I'm really no expert. The colors and the all over geometric really get me in just the right way.