Monday, October 31, 2011

happy halloween!

pumpkins are good eats
Our town was hit by the snowstorm, but not as badly as some other parts of the North East. We have power and our town trick or treating has only been postponed by one day, feeling grateful. Boy was so disappointed that we let him dip into the Halloween candy. In Hollis, NH they initially cancelled Halloween altogether and then relented and changed it to November 5th. There is no mischief night here, probably because the police department usually schedules trick or treating in advance of actual Halloween. On Halloween itself there's an awesome parade that winds itself though downtown. This year we will trick or treat and head straight to the parade, which is will probably be exhausting from all the walking and cold since the low should be around 37 degrees. Girl is going as Medusa, Huz and Boy and going as Axl Rose and Slash, I will be some sort of dark fairy creature. Hope you all are having a great Halloween. What are you wearing? Do you do anything special for Halloween?

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

miles to go before I steek

miles to go before I steek 

Finally ready to cut that steek! I crochet reinforced this steek as it wouldn't have been possible to machine reinforce such a long tube. Really I'm a purist and think that a handmade item deserves hand reinforcement, why get a machine involved in all this? The shawl is 80 inches long (and will probably grow some during blocking) so that's 160 inches of chain crochet. The yarn is Malabrigo Silky Merino and the silk adds some slither which makes it necessary to reinforce that steek. With a nice toothy Shetland type yarn you really don't have to even reinforce the steek, it practically sticks to itself. Some folks get nervous about cutting something that has taken them so long to knit but I actually get excited because it's so close to the finish line and it's not really usable until it's been cut. If you're having the urge to cut your knitting (you know who you are) I say just go for it. Here is a link to a great tutorial on how to crochet reinforce your steek.

My camera got a new lens today and I rushed to use it. I have a micro 4/3 camera, an Olympus Pen E-PL1, which is sort of like a compact digital SLR. I guess it's not technically an SLR but you can change the lenses on it and have many of the same controls that you have on a larger camera. It completely suits my need for better photos without feeling like I'm dragging around paparazzo style equipment. I'm not a techie or a serious photographer so please excuse any misinformation I might be spreading here. Ever since I've started taking photos of my knitting I've been lusting after that in focus/blurry yarny beauty that many of Brooklyn Tweed's photos have. After some research I realized that I needed to be able to really lower my aperture and have a nice lens with a shallow depth of field. You can also achieve an effect that photographers call Bokeh this way, in a portrait the subject would be in focus and the background out of focus. My new lens, 45 mm f/1.8 (though I didn't lower the aperture all the way to 1.8), gave me the above photo. Not too shabby! I am in love. Thanks Mom, I am one lucky gal. xoxo

and... the cut!

and... the cut!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Rhinebeck wrap up

My awesome housemates!

It's been a week since Rhinebeck and I'm still clinging to some of the good cheer. Packed into a houseful of knitters, it was as fun to hang out and knit in the great house that Kim found as it was to be at the fairgrounds. Michelle, Gabrielle, Yvonne, Angela, Shameka, Deborah, Kim, Karen, Kirsten, Meganne, and Stephanie (taking a pic along with me) made it the best house evah! I met some of my internet knitting idols and practically peed my pants with excitement, hugged tons of folks, had the best two hour wait in line ever thanks to the good company, bought yarn, ate many tamales and pounds of cheese, and really could not have had a better time. I may have developed a tolerance to yarn fumes because I didn't completely lose my head and took a few more photos than usual. Huge thank yous to Kim for arranging the house and Meganne for all the driving even in the torrential rain, you gals are awesome.

Will come to a screeching halt for junk shops, cuckoo.
The quiet gal behind the scenes, fueled by Squamscot soda.
Finished two sweaters in two nights!
Kirsten, Kim, Karen
So much knitting talent right there, yowza.
My Owl and the Pussycat sister.
Amy Christoffers
The Queen of Cardigans with spice.
Kim and Chawne
If I ever knit a blanket as incredible as Chawne's I might stop knitting.
Stacie showing off her slip and Stephen passing out nips
You show me your slip and I'll give you a nip.
You're fabulous, no you're fabulous!
"You're fabulous!" "No you're fabulous!" They actually said that. 
They're both super fabulous and are completely allowed.
Knitting idol who came all the way from Norway.
The loveliest porch
I really hope we get to hang out on this porch again next year, I'm already in withdrawal.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

fine line forming

Elissa Margolin asked me to design the CD cover for her newest album and band Fine Line Forming. This was great not only because it was a chance to do a different kind of design than what I normally do, but I really admire her music, her amazing lyrics, and her dedication to her art.

She gave me free reign to do whatever I liked and I jumped at the chance to work with hand lettering and whipped out my india ink, pens, and watercolors. This approach seemed like it was appropriate to her music, the title of the album and band, and exercised a part of me that has been banging at the door wanting to be let out. She loved the comps that I showed her and chose the above one for the cover.

Fine Line Forming back of CD 

For the back it was even more hand lettering fun to highlight all the great musicians that she worked with to put this album and band together.

The CD release party for Fine Line Forming is this Saturday, October 8th, at The Press Room. Come on by, it should be a blast!

Fine Line Forming CD coverFine Line Forming CD coverFine Line Forming CD coverFine Line Forming CD cover

Above are are few of the other comps that I did for the CD cover, hand lettering is endless amounts of fun, I could have kept going, and whoops I did... on the CD itself.

Fine Line Forming CD

Knitting. It's still happening, slowly. We did find time to paint our front door blue, the old orange needed an update.

shawl progress

September was filled with little bumps as always. I've finally learned how to mentally prepare myself for it. After the long summer and trying to manage the kids and also find time for my own work it seems like September will be a big relief but there are always hiccups, nothing big but a bit raggedy and emotional and enough to throw us off course a little. By later in the fall we've all managed to settle into a routine. And then there's Rhinebeck to look forward to.  I'll be in a house with 12 other knitters, this will be the most fun year yet.