Friday, September 13, 2013

turtle bob (aka traveling clockwork) visits turkey

My friend Steven knit a Clockwork shawl and then came up with the idea of sending this knit around the country on adventures. In August, the shawl came with us to Turkey and the kids renamed it Turtle Bob. Picture heavy post.

A brief stop in the airport in Frankfurt as we ran to our next flight and barely made it.

On the flight from Frankfurt to Istanbul. This is about two hours before Boy barfed into his own lap. The one time I've needed a barf bag and I couldn't get the damn thing open! The plastic sleeve covering the airplane magazine caught some of it but most of it went on his shorts. Turtle Bob was thankfully safely back in his ziploc.

Turtle Bob flying a kite over the Aegean.

Turtle Bob at the outdoor market in Alacati.

Turtle Bob enjoying a plate of kuru fasulye (stewed white beans) in the non-smoking section of our favorite restaurant. Here is a recipe for the simple beans, which I could eat everyday.

Turtle Bob posing with a giant cup of tea. Turks like to drink their tea in lovely little glasses like the one below.

Turtle Bob stopped for a glass of fresh pomegranate juice where they were not shy of turning everything into a pomegranate. There was even on sign on the road that said "Traveler, passing through here without drinking pomegranate juice is forbidden!" Naturally, we stopped and the verdict is that this stuff would make angels sing.

The ladies at the pomegranate juice place are making gozleme over an open fire, which is light layers of dough filled with cheese and herbs, or meat. Recipe for gozleme.

Turtle Bob went on a day trip on a boat in the Aegean from Dalyan, a truly magical day.

Here is our boat and our captain Ali, who served us more of the enchanted elixir, fresh pomegranate juice, and tea, which he cooked up on the boat.

Turtle Bob saw one of his cousins from the boat, this sucker was huge. We got to snorkel with the turtles which rates as one of the most wonderful things that I have ever done. The way these giant creatures gently fly through the water, unconcerned about our presence, is unforgettable. Turtle Bob did not go swimming.

Turtle Bob visited the Isabey Mosque, built in 1375, near Ephesus. The above tombstone is from the Selcuk period, I think.

Turtle Bob even went into the mosque. Visiting ladies have to cover their hair. All in all, I think Turtle Bob had a wonderful time, though he's not very talkative. I have one more picture to get of him in New Hampshire and then I will send him on his way to his next destination. The kids will miss Turtle Bob.


Sammy said...

Misa...will you adopt me and take me with you next time? I love your indigo goings on. Miss you! Hugs, Sheila

gale (she shoots sheep shots) said...

Turtle Bob is one lucky piece of neckwear. What a great trip. Love the colors and signs there. oh and snorkeling with

elns said...

I loved this post with the traveling family and Turtle Bob. I now have a strong desire to knit, drink arnold palmergranites and be nicer to my kid. Thanks for sharing! I'm sorry your son was ick on the plane. Was it just the flight or did he come down with something en route? Great photos too!

Deborah said...

Love love love love LOVE! And my heart flutters when you mentioned the Aegean!!!! I did wave to Turkey from Chios for you too!