Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Above is Gale Zucker's great video of the photos that she took at Rhinebeck 2010 and 2012. The video and the photos really capture the fun of the weekend and the knit pride, I'm so glad that she documented so many of the great garments that were there. I didn't make it to Rhinebeck this year. It was a heartbreaking decision for me not to go but for a good reason, I've started a six-month long yoga teacher training program and it just wasn't possible for me to schedule another weekend away. This yoga intensive is something that I've wanted to do for a while and I'm thrilled to finally have the chance, but something had to give and unfortunately, it was Rhinebeck.

My proxy at Rhinebeck was a pair of my Vagabond Mitts that I gifted to Kim. I have proof that they made it there as Ellen sent me a picture of them held against Mary Jane's incredible Rhinebeck sweater. So, I was there in spirit and did my best to follow the fun on twitter and instagram.

Meganne and I did some porch knitting on Saturday, complete with tea in Jennie The Potter mugs and a pug, in solidarity of our not-in-Rhinebeck condition and posted a few pictures with the #notRhinebeck tag on twitter as some other wishful folks were doing too. There were no crowds, no miles of vendors, but the sun and company felt pretty darn nice. Next year, I will enjoy the goodness of the Rhinebeck weekend again. In the meantime, I'm dreaming of trying to make it down to the Maryland Sheep and Wool for the first time.


steven a. said...

next year, you can teach us all to do headstands.

Kim said...

I love the mitts!! Missed you so much at Rhinebeck but there is next year!

nicole said...

I loved seeing your beautiful self in the video with that incredible scarf.

I too am crossing my fingers for next year's Rhinebeck. I hope you will give that headstands class, lol.

Good luck with your training. Sounds wonderful.