Wednesday, November 20, 2013

hats, and taking a break from hats

Mad River hats

The hats they are a-breeding. Yup, I keep making more. The pattern is so, so close to being done and then I find something else that could be fixed. Somebody stop me.

O wooly goodness.

Needing to take a break from hats, I wanted to knit someone else's pattern with some really raw, undyed Romney wool by Great Bay Woolworks that I found at the farmer's market. So wooly and delicious. I'm knitting Amy Christoffer's Starfish Cardigan, which has subtle stars on it and a lovely shape and is whipping along. I may, in turn, need to take a break from this so that I can finish that damn hat pattern.

Abandoned the BSJ I was knitting on the bus ride down & bought lovely yarn to knit Purl's baby Fair Isle Cardi for bus back. Seemed a lot more fun. Love the Koigu skeinettes and the oatmeal color of Anzula is killer.

For the long bus ride to New York and back that I take occasionally, I like to have a small knit. As one of my yoga teachers is having a baby, it was an opportunity to knit to super cute, tiny sweater. I've knit Elizabeth Zimmerman's Baby Surprise Jacket before and figured that would be the ticket but the counting, ripping, and re-counting to set it up just about killed me, perhaps I was distracted. And then once I got going the fabric that the Cascade Superwash 220 was making on size 6s seemed rough. A quick trip to Purl Soho fixed that, where I bought Anzula Sebastian is an intriguing gray/oatmeal color called Seaside and four Koigu Skeinettes for their Baby Girl Fair Isle Cardigan. Whee, knitting ecstasy for the ride back.

Two of my favorite people at Purl! @yarnyoldkim @ttldesigns

I had plans to meet Kim at Purl but then joy of joys, we ran into Kirsten too! Look at those lovely faces and those awesome knits. They helped me play with all the Koigu skeinettes to pick the colors for the yoke of the sweater and then we went to knit and chat and have a quick beverage.


Kim said...

My rhinebeck sweater this year was knit from some farmers market Romney (from the Adirondacks) and some leisester longwool. Very into the undyed natural wool. So cozy. It was great seeing you & hanging out & bonus Kirsten!
Can't wait for your hat pattern!

Chris said...

We're living parallel lives! I'm on my 5th iteration of a hat design right now, and I was about to start a BSJ for my niece's baby...though now you're making me think I should wait until my suspicions are confirmed and it's born a girl so I can make that lovely cardigan too! :)

craftivore said...

@Kim Hanging out with the two of you was a major highlight of my trip!

@Chris Ha ha, of course we are! Hats are just tough to get the right fit, I think, aaand I'm being a perfectionist. Not always so helpful. I think the cardigan is unisex on a small baby, they call it Baby Girl, but I think it would look great on a boy too. That said, I love BSJs, just forgot how much attention I have to pay to it to set it up.

torirot said...

Don't fix it if it ain't broken!

The hats looks gorgeous - get the pattern out there! My favourite is the one on the top. (Need a test knitter, maybe?)

Michelle said...

Love the red/white with the branch/leaf detail on the crown. Definitely my fav iteration even though all the multi colors are really fun. Missing you all and jealous it's cold enough that you can wear hats. :-) Let me know if you need a test knitter!

craftivore said...

@torirot @michelle You are both so sweet, I might take you up on it. I do have a test knitter right now but would love others to knit it too.

Michelle, you do not miss this cold right now, 20s in the mornings!

Jen said...

Those are your design??? Misa.. they are absolutely stunning !

gale (she shoots sheep shots) said...

1) LOVE that hat in red and white (in all of the versions but esp in the simple red & white)
2) LOVE see K&K's smiling faces

craftivore said...
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craftivore said...

Thanks @Jen. Yes, someday(!) the pattern will be available. Hopefully, sooner rather than later.