Tuesday, November 26, 2013

one itty bitty sweater

one itty bitty sweater

This was delicious to make, a little ecstasy.

one itty bitty sweater

The pattern is Baby Girl Fair Isle Cardigan by Purl Soho. It could easily be for a boy too, in my opinion.

one itty bitty sweater

A couple of notes about the pattern. It is knit in the round but there is no steek, so that when you get to the yoke, you are purling the stranded knitting on the wrong side. I really prefer just knitting stranded but it is for such a short amount that it is ok. The yoke pattern is not completely symmetrical as there are decreases along the front left (the yoke decreases are part of the pattern and end up on the left front too). If you’re a pattern perfectionist like me this might be slightly irritating, but I’ve managed to move on as the end result is so dang cute.

one itty bitty sweater

The yarn for the body of the cardi is Anzula Sebastian, which is mainly merino with a bit of seacell in it and is superwash. The color, Seaside, is kind of amazing, hovering between gray and oatmeal. The Koigu skeinettes are genius to use for this as it requires such tiny amounts of yarn in the yoke and you can go nuts choosing colors. They're actually marketed for needlepoint use but are exactly the same, as far as I can tell, as the larger skein of their sock yarn just in smaller quantities.


Jen said...

Adorable and completely androgenous wee cardigan. I see your favorite burnt orange in there. Is it a Christmas gift?

Ann said...

Absolutely delicious. The color thing is so beautiful!

Meganne Fabrega said...

You are queen of the tiny needles. Adorable.

elns said...

Oh my goodness, that cardigan is just darling. well done.