Friday, March 14, 2014

a little something for the common cod fashion show

I was asked to join the Common Cod Fiber Collective's fashion show during their Fiber Camp weekend. What an incredibly flattering request and a bit intimidating since I will be joining the likes of Julia Farwell-Clay, Amy Christoffers, Thea Colman, Allison Green, Bristol Ivy, and Ellen Mason, for the show. Super talented designers, knitterati all of them, and fun to hang out with to boot.

Fiber Camp is this weekend and loaded with fun classes to take besides the fashion show, come by if you can! I will be walking the runway in my Owl and Pussycat Dress, please be kind and don't throw rotten vegetables. I was hoping not to walk as there will be unprofessional models for most of the other garments but they asked me to wear that one, so I will have to work on my sashay.

Garments I'm bringing with me to the show:

The Owl and Pussycat Dress on left, Vagabond Fingerless Mitts on right.

Ticker Tape lettering scarf on left, Shuffle reversible vest in center, Mad River hat on right.

This was also a great challenge for me to create a new garment and I have been madly working on a vest. No final pictures to show yet, but it is done and I am super happy with it even though I wasn't sure if I would like it almost the entire time I was working on it. It will make its debut this weekend at the show. Here are some action shots of the vest in progress:

The yarn I started with (Jamieson's Shetland Spindrift) and my exploratory swatch.

The initial hem that I cast on for which I then abandoned in favor of a ribbed hem. Colors kept being eliminated, pattern was triumphing over color.

Crochet reinforcing the steek and the cut! This is my favorite part, like unwrapping a present. Elinor Brown has a great post on this if you want to learn how to do it.

Before the cut and after the cut.

The neckline and armhole ribbing, inspired by winter beach colors on the right.

After I tried it on I decided that it was shorter than I would like and I didn't like the ribbing. Ripping out ribbing backwards (!) is a serious pain, I should have just cut it off. Shetland yarn is very sticky so I had to break it fairly often. I then knit it to the tunic length I wanted and made a facing for the hem (on right).

And voila! Better pictures to follow.


Jill@NorthStarYarns said...

Every time I see somebody cutting a steek it makes my heart thump and race. I know, logically, that people have been using them for centuries but it just seems so wrong!

I love your tunic. One day I'll be brave enough to steek!

nicole said...

I am not surprised at all that they would ask you to join. Your knits are so amazing! That vest is another stunner. You'll look great on the runway. Don't forget to smize!

benedetta said...

Misa, the vest came out absolutely perfect!
but, I am not surprised in the least ;))
I just wish I could have made it to the show!

gale (she shoots sheep shots) said...

Really would have LOVED to be at that fashion show--you all are so fabulous, and I never get tired of the Owl & Pussy Cat dress. Or the Ticker Tape...and that new vest is amazing, too.

Kim said...

I bow down to that tunic. It so spectacular!