Tuesday, April 1, 2014



Here finally are better photos of the tunic vest that I finished in time for the Common Cod fashion show. It is named after the Indian warrior goddess Durga. Project details are on Ravelry.

It was a race to the end and my wrists were sore but once it was dry I even ended up with a couple days to spare. The fashion show itself was really fun with much admiration and many lively questions from the audience. I felt a bit taken to task for not having published more patterns, which was really quite sweet. There is a very nice write up, with photos, of my work on the Common Cod website. After publishing a few of my own patterns, I have an enormous appreciation for those who do it all the time. The hardworking designers that I had the opportunity to hang out were loads of fun, we ate and drank before and after the show, laughing the whole time.

Inspired, in part, by Julia's Van Doesburg pullover, I stretched myself to knit with only two colors. When I had ordered the yarn for this vest, I started with quite a lot of colors (here is picture of yarn and original swatch) and kept peeling them away until the design was more about the pattern.

Color kept sneaking back in though, the colors of the beach winter. By the time I got to the neck and armhole ribbing, I couldn't resist adding a little ocher and yellow.

Hem and side details. The shaping is done on either side of the side zig zag panels. The natural colored yarn bloomed quite a lot after blocking which you make out in the close ups, it is almost hairy. The vest is very warm and when I wear it the Huz says I have my armor on.


Michelle said...

The armor comment is funny. It's a neat design and I like how you fit in the shaping around the zig zag strip. Glad you let a little color slip back in.

Chris said...

This is such a lovey piece. You deserve all the praise you've received for it and I agree - you should publish more patterns!

crazylegs said...

Just Beautiful!

gale (she shoots sheep shots) said...

That is just a wonderful piece--love the fit, the length, the inspirational provenance-- and that zig zag detailing along the sides. Glad you go the response you deserve at Common Cod

Deborah said...

Oh My Word! Misa you are truly a knitting inspiration. You have done it again with this beauty! I am in awe. Love so much!